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he says i can go on spring break with everyone now, but HE needs to tell people that, not me.

he called this morning and we had a long talk. i guess i'm being a bitch and he doesn't fully understand why. i have a bad attitude and my personality has changed. actually, it hasn't. i'm happy and bubbly when i'm with other people and at work...he just brings out the worst in me. he made me this way and i made sure he knows it. i'm just fed up and i'm not gonna take his shit anymore. i don't hate him or anything, i'm just done letting him get to me and bother me like he's been doing for the past 7 months. i can do better. i don't deserve to feel like shit all the time and starting now, i'm not going to....this means that i'm probably gonna be a bitch for a while 'til i can rebuild the walls that surrounded me and kept me from being hurt...and i'm gonna appologize now to everyone that i'm going to piss off and/or offend. sorry guys. i gotta do this for me.

time to look for a new job now. i can't handle/afford working only 8 hours a week. i don't know where to look though. maybe i'll go pick up a newspaper or something. later kiddies.

p.s.~ i'm moving to Oregon
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