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crazy fun at kristi's last night. i actually stayed pretty calm and did my own thing while Jeremy was there. every now and then when i got up to go get something he'd ask whoever i was talking to what was wrong with me. there was never anything wrong though...ugh, i can't wait to see the pictures that are on brendon's camera..there's lots of girl on girl action..it slightly frightens me..at one point, this guy used a pick up line on me and then put his arm around me and then pushed me and mandi into the bedroom for a "threesome". he wanted to see our boobs and when when we wouldn't, he got pissed and left. it was slightly amusing...at the end of the night, i actually chatted with Jeremy for a few minutes. he was wasted and decided that he was gonna drive home.i told him to be careful and that i still worry about him he said "i will, i promise" and kept giving me hugs and kisses on the neck and cheek. there was a moment outside after we hugged and looked into eachothers eyes and we knew what we both wanted to do, but didn't...anyway, he backed up his truck, stopped, and started to roll down the window so i walked over to it. i told him again to be really really careful..he said "always" and then he kissed me...on the lips. i just kinda looked at the ground and walked away after that. it was nice, but i don't even think he'll remember it because he was so drunk, so i'm not gonna bring it up to him....but yeah, all in all it was a pretty good night.
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